Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And the "Mother of the Year" Award Goes to...

Anissa Francis

So, let's review the basic series of events (some of which are detailed in previous articles on JSOnline).

First, this slug of a mother has two children, presumably from different fathers, neither of which is the current boyfriend. So, she has a history of making poor sexual choices in life.

Next, she goes drinking with Craig C. Tolonen and Junior Weiss (her current boyfriend). Weiss and Tolonen each have fairly long criminal records. They also both have older brothers, both of whom are currently in prison for beating a man to death. So, she has a history of hanging out with people who are just turds to begin with.

So, she goes drinking with, and is dating, pretty much the scum of the earth. Scum #1 (Weiss, her boy-friend) is a bit irritable after the first night of drinking, and beats the older child a little, but Francis continues to see him anyhow, and even goes out drinking with him again after the beating of the older child.

The next morning, Francis (the slug of a mother) has to take her boyfriend (Wiess, Scum of the Earth #1) to work. Thus, she leaves the kids with Scum of the Earth #2 (Tolonen), who has a bit of a hangover, can't take a little bit of baby crying, and shakes the younger child to death.

Fast forward a couple of days to the day of the funeral. Most women would be absolutely depressed. Some, like the woman at the well, might even be repentant, and may go looking for help so they can stop making such horrible life decisions. Not Anissa Francis, however. Nope! Instead, she goes out drinking and partying again.

Some people just make me sick...

Bloggers Block!!

There is a comic I can relate to... Actually, I have a few topics queued up, but I need time to work on them. Luckily Labor Day is coming up, and after that, things start to slow down a bit for me.

OK, done whining for now...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Static-X - Push It

Wisconsin Death Trip is a great name for an album!! This is the first Static-X song I had ever heard, and I was immediately hooked.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Tonight starts NASCAR's big weekend at Bristol with the Craftsman Truck Series race on Speed. Watch it if you get a chance. Bristol is a high banked short track. That means lots of bumpin' and bangin', lots of mixing it up, lots of pressure on the drivers and crews, and (usually) a lot of really pissed off people and one very happy winner when all is said and done. All of this is made better by the fact that these are all night races this weekend. In other words, it is stock car racing the way it out to be.

Rockies 1 - Brewers 4

Lisa and I went to the Brewers game last night. This was the "freebie" game. With our ticket package, you get nine pre-determined games at face value and then a "free" ticket to one of about 20 selected games. Sort of a built-in 10% discount on the whole package.

Capuano started for the Brew-Crew, and had a really good outing until the 4th, when he had a minor, but thankfully temporary, meltdown. This meltdown started (as many do) with an E-6 (error on the shortstop, bad throw to first in this case). This was followed by two base on balls to load 'em up. He was able to work out of it, however, and pitched two more innings after that, leaving the game with a shutout going.

Capellan came on for the 7th and the 8th. Both were 1-2-3 innings, and he struck out five of the six batters.

Turnbow came in for the ninth. Some people stood and cheered. I have no idea why. The guy has totally sucked ass now for a few months, and really ought to be pitching down in Nashville or Huntsville until he can get is stuff back together. It seems like the only fair thing to do for him. As usual (lately), his first act was to give up a home run. He then K'd the next batter, and let the third batter get a hit. Turnbow was done after that.

Finally, Yost brings in Cordero to close it out. After all, it is a save situation now. He gives up a couple of deep ones, but they stay in the park and are both outs.

On the offensive side, there was no real stand out. The boys just did a good job doing what they are supposed to do, which is get 'em on, move 'em over, and score 'em.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Music Mondays - Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

It is Monday. Time for some more music!! This week, I think a little NIN is in order.

Random Baseball Notes

The Yankees continue to take it to those stinking Red Sox and won again last night. Today they go for the sweep. Let's hope they get it, and let's hope this is just the start of a massive Red Sox meltdown. Actually, it would be nice to keep just a glimmer of hope alive for the Sox fans just to have that hope dashed in late September by the Red Sox losing to the White Sox in the wild card race.

Saturday, our daughter stayed over at her aunt and uncle's house and baby sat her cousins. So Lisa and I decided to go to the ballpark to see the Brewers take on the Astros. I knew it would be busy, so we arrived early. I wanted to get the $5 "Bernie's Terrace" seats (the terrace is the 4th section of seats, nosebleeds, Bernie's Terrace are terrace seats way out in left field by Bernie's dugout and the slide he goes down), since that is about the only section we have not sat in yet. They were sold out. So, we went with some terrace reserve seats. Those were almost sold out too. When we got our tickets, they said "ADA" on them. Sure enough, the only tickets left were in the "disabled" sections. At first I felt guilty, but looking around the terrace sections, I noticed very few disabled people in the disabled sections. I guess when it comes down to just those sections left, they get sold to whoever shows up, disabled or not. BTW - those are great seats. Lot's of extra room, no one packed in next to you, no one directly in front of you.

The game itself was very exciting. Neither team really opened up much of a lead, though the Astros struck first blood. However, once the Astros pitching fell apart, it fell apart hard. The Brewers loaded the bases twice, and the Astros walked in at least two runs. It was not pretty for them. I think the game ended 4-5 with the Astros flying out to center, but I was not keeping score this game, so I cannot say for sure.

Our next game is Tuesday, 08/22. That one is part of our ticket package, so we will be back down in the Loge section (second level of seats), and as usual for our package games, I will be keeping score this time.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Do You Take This Goat...

Girl on the Right has a very funny post involving a man, a goat, and a little hanky panky...

Friday, August 18, 2006

This Week's Moron Reward Go To... John Hogan.

I can easily understand how a person could get into an argument with his wife and get so pissed off that he would want to throw himself off of a fourth story balcony, presumably to his own death just so he would have to hear her yammer on anymore. I can easily sympathize with that. I think any married man can. However, when you grab your kids on the way out, you are just being a total ass!

Personally, I like the hospital director's comments:
Panayotis Spatharakis, director of the Heraklion Hospital, told the Daily Mirror: "We asked him why he did it and he told us he was very drunk and could not exactly remember what happened."

Summing up the bitterness of locals, he told the paper: "I feel that once he recovers and understands what he has done he should commit suicide."

Well said! Let's hope he gets right on that, this time without trying to take anyone with him! OK, not really. This dude obviously needs many prayers and much help. Still, I can't say I necessarily disagree with Mr. Spatharakis' sentiment.

It looks like the locals also had the right idea!
The Daily Mirror reported that Hogan's plight after the plunge brought little sympathy from angry locals who surrounded his stretcher to scream abuse.

Good for them!

Nerd, Geek, Dork...

Now that scientists have the status of Pluto essentially sorted out, it is time to tackle more important issues, like: What, exactly, is the difference between a geek, a nerd, and a dork.

For the record, I am most definitely a geek, but only in the techie sense, not the whole "biting the head off of chickens sense.


When I read this story, I thought of two things:
  1. The fat kid in "Willy Wonka"
  2. Bob or Doug McKenzie. Whichever one got stuck in a vat of beer in "Strange Brew".
Glad to hear that the dude got out alright, but you have to admit that getting stuck in a vat of chocolate is rather funny...

Who Cares?

Sadly, kids get killed every day in this country (and every other country, for that matter). Some of them even die at the hands of their parents, siblings, or some other relative that should be protecting them, yet none of that really gets more than a mention or two. Yet, if the child is a pretty blonde girl, the whole country becomes obsessed with the story. It is absolutely ridiculous how much print was wasted on JonBenet Ramsey back when she was killed, and it is even more ridiculous how much print is being wasted on this John Mark Karr turd. A person whose confession has serious holes in it.

If it Mr. Karr's confession turns out to be true and actually match up with some evidence, great, we can finally put this crap to bed. If not, then I guess Mr. Karr got what he wanted, which was evidently to have his face in the spotlight for a while. Either way, I predict a glut of stupid, worthless, poorly done, overly emotional, crap movies pertaining to this in about six months.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Fun With Music

My daughter periodically does these silly music survey things, and they seem fun, so I figured I would try the next one she posted. So, here we go:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question press the next button.
Ready? GO!

Opening Credits:
New Beginnings - Trapt
(um, OK, oddly appropriate...)

Waking Up:
Start a War - Static-X
(hehe, well, I am very much a morning person)

Falling In Love:
Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline
(sometimes very true, but luckily I have not had to deal with that for over 20 years...)

Fight Song:
My Evil Twin - They Might Be Giants

Breaking Up:
No Feelings - Sex Pistols
(Yeah, that sounds about right!!)

Making up:
Rejoice - U2

Life's Okay:
Freeways - Bachman-Turner-Overdrive

Mental Breakdown:
Just My Imagination - The Cranberries

Whoa is Me - Dredg

Pretty in Scarlet - Guano Apes

Happy Dance:
Empty - The Cranberries

One Hit Wonder - Everclear

Final Battle:
Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
(as Zep songs go, "The Battle of Evermore" would have been better, but you get what you get)

Death Scene:
Zombie Eaters - Faith No More
(Oh help me baby zombie Jesus!)

End Titles:
Crazy - Patsy Cline
(Hmmm, that would have been good for the "Mental Breakdown" one...)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Music Video Mondays

Continuing with my latest theme of basically being lazy, I am going to post a video for one of my favorite songs each Monday. Here's the first one. It is a song called "Rabblerouser" from MDFMK. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Internet is for Porn

OK, so I have gotten lazy lately, and just seem to be posting google videos...

Anyhow, every Friday, Stacy does a Friday's Freaks post where she re-posts some of the more disgusting searches that have led people to her site. Some of them are really funny. Some of them are just plain wrong. You should go check them out.

In the meantime, this video is for Stacy and her Friday's Freaks...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Farting Preacher

OK, so sometimes I like some juvenile fart jokes. What can I say?

Political Correctness, Run Amok

I have a New York Yankee's day calendar on my desk at work. Today (my first day actually back in the office after vacation), I tore off and read the sheets for the days I missed. Here is the fun Yankee fact for August 2nd.
Throughout the 1999 regular season and postseason, the Yankees wore an African-American number 5 on their left sleeve in memory of Yankees great Joe DiMaggio. For the final month of the regular season and throughout the postseason, the also wore a African-American armband in memory of New York's former pitching great "Catfish" Hunter.
This didn't really make any sense to me until I realized that I needed to substitute the word "black" for the words "African-American"....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Vacation Day #4 - Race Day!!

Miller Lite
Originally uploaded by stuffle.
I didn't blog at all yesterday, because it was race day, so this entry is a day late.

Race day basically means waking up at 4:00 am, leaving the hotel at 5:00 am, sitting in the parking lot of the track, quietly talking to other early birds, from 6:00 am until the track opens at 7:00 am. I say "quietly talking" because a fair number of people will show up at midnight and sleep in the beds of their trucks, or on the ground, or in their cars, whatever. No sense waking them.

Gates open at 7:00 am, and we head in to the infield. Our first stop is at the America Supports You booth to buy some dog tags. After that, we walk around the infield, see the sights, etc. At 10:00 am the pre-race concert starts. It is three country bands that I have never heard of, two of which must have songs on country radio, as Lisa knew the songs.

At 1:00 pm, we leave the concert and slowly walk back to where our seats are in turn one. The race starts around 2:45 pm, and after that, time just flies. Before you know it, it is 6:30 pm, and we are back in the parking lot. reading the paper, talking, and laughing at the people who actually think they need to be somewhere. Why people leave an event like that and think that traffic will be anything but total gridlock, I don't know. Y'all ought to just relax, have a drink or two, and read the paper or something and hang out an hour or two before leaving... That's what we do.

Around 9:00 pm, we get back to the hotel for a dip in the pool, and a little relaxation, which is where the pyramid of Miller Lite cans finally comes in to play.

This was our fourth year, and we will certainly have tickets next year for a fifth year.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vacation Day #3 - Qualifying

Lining Up
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Today was qualifying day. I am a bit tired, so I will just give a quick run down of our day.

5:00 - wakey wakey!! Eat some breakfast. Pack the cooler with water bottles and ice.
6:00 - Leave hotel, drive to IMS.
7:00 - Track opens. We got half way to the gate and then realized that I left the camera in the car. Lisa watches our stuff while I go back and get it.
7:20(ish) - Enter the track, and find some seats. We are there early enough where there are some prime seats in the section E penthouse section available (this is in turn 1).
10:10 - Qualifying starts.
10:15(ish) - Jeff Burton takes the pole and keeps it.
12:15 - Qualifying completes. Go grab some lunch and a beer.
1:30 - First practice session.
2:15(ish) - Kurt Bush crashes in practice (haha), at which point we decide to leave.
2:20 - Walk around by the souvenir trailers. Lisa gets some Kasey Kahne stuff, and I pick up some generic Brickyard stuff.
3:45 - Get back to the hotel, respond to some e-mail, write this, relax.

Now it is time to go get a light dinner, and maybe play some cards before packing it in for the day. Tomorrow will be a long, but fun day.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Vacation Day #2, Part Duex - Downtown Indy

Me & Lisa
Originally uploaded by stuffle.
Around 11:30 or so, we left Crawfordsville to go to downtown Indy. After parking downtown, our first stop was to find some place to eat. We found a place called Rock Bottom Brewery. It seemed to have a lot of local flavor (all of the beers had something to do with either racing or local landmarks, etc), and the food was excellent. As it turns out, this is part of a national chain. We'll have to try the one back home in Milwaukee to see if it is as good.

After lunch, we walked around downtown for a while, and then went to the White River Gardens, and hiked around there for a while. After that, it was back to Crawfordsville for a dip in the hotel's pool. The weather today was beautiful. Hopefully it will be like this all weekend.

I have started a flickr photo set where I will put the photos from this trip that I decide to upload.

Time to go to dinner...

Vacation Day #2, Part One - Lew Wallace

Lew Wallace Study
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We started the day off today by visiting the General Lew Wallace Study Museum. Our daughter always talks about how glad she is that she is now old enough where she does not have to go with us on vacation anymore because we go to too many museums. I just love museums, however. Every town that I have ever lived in, the first thing we usually do is go visit all of the museums and learn as much as we can about the town's history. I just find it fascinating. I think Lisa enjoys this too. Either than, or she just doesn't complain about it... :)

Anyhow, I knew Lew Wallace only as the author of Ben-Hur, but was not aware of his other contributions to society, including his service to the country in two wars, and his service as a U.S. diplomat. If anyone who reads this makes it down to the Crawfordsville area, I suggest this museum as well as the Old Jail Museum which we toured a couple of years ago.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Dangers of Racing in Wisconsin

My home state of Wisconsin is home to a couple of historic race tracks. One is the Milwaukee Mile, another is Road America. Wisconsin is also home to a lot of really large vermin commonly referred to as White-tailed Deer. As far too many Wisconsin drivers can tell you, these vermin have a nasty habit of jumping in front of cars.

These nasty creatures cause enough damage on our highways. However, that evidently is not enough for them, and now the stupid creatures are also wreaking havoc on our race tracks. I pray that Cristiano da Matta is alright. Hitting one of those stupid things in your family sedan can be downright deadly. Hitting one in a open wheeled race car must really be nasty...

Update: According to this report, da Matta was surgically treated for a subdural hematoma and is currently in intensive care.

Annual Indy Vacation - Day 1

Lisa and I are on our annual vacation to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400. As usual, we are staying in Crawfordsville, IN, which is a nice small town about 45 miles west of Indianapolis. Notable sights to see in Crawfordsville include a museum for the only operable rotating jail remaining in the US, and the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum.

Today was a travel day, so other than driving, checking in to the hotel, and going out for dinner, we haven't really done much. We'll post more later. Until then, here is a video I took last year. This is the start of the big race from our seats in turn one. Nothing can really match the excitement of 43 cars loudly screaming past you at close to 200 MPH...