Sunday, July 27, 2008

Drunk And Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life, Kid...

Every now and again I see a story where some bozo falls from an escalator at a ball park. Almost always, the bozo is male, in his twenties, and drunk (note that the latest story does not currently mention the last aspect, but it is still being investigated).

The sad thing is that in our overly litigious society, the ball park or baseball team (or both) usually end up getting sued, and thus end up spending lots of money in legal fees defending themselves against something that clearly was not their fault. This kind of crap needs to stop.

As a side note, this same thing happened at Miller Park. Some mentally challenged idiot got drunk, road the escalator down on the railing instead of standing on the step like a normal human, and fell (to his death, if I recall correctly). Now, also thanks to our overly litigious society) the escalators have stupid Plexiglas walls "protecting" us from our own stupidity.

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